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Drainage Case Studies

Weaver and Associates strives to provide quality drainage solutions the right way the first time. Below are just a few examples of work we have completed. If you have any questions or need to talk to a drainage expert please contact us today.

Copper hill

This multi-family property was experiencing water seeping over a sidewalk and across a portion of the parking lot. One tenant had already fallen and injured herself. The source of the water was subsurface flow that was being exposed as it migrated to the lower elevations where the walkway and parking area were located.

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The property behind this residence is about three feet higher than this backyard, and both surface and subsurface water are flowing onto this property. The pool is being stained by the iron that is in the spring water and the grass in the small yard stays soggy after a rain. This residence is located in southwest Arlington, where springs can be very active at times.

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The owners of a single family residence in southwest Fort Worth were experiencing a nightmare whenever it came a hard rain. Ten to fifteen minutes after the rain would begin, water would begin to enter into their sunken living room. The beautiful wood floor had buckled and was being removed when we were called to the residence. In addition, some furniture had been damaged.

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Rainwater was seeping down into the soil and entering the crawl space of this single family residence. The result was a very wet crawl space with mold on the beams and subfloor. The design we decided on was a French drain with a moisture barrier.

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In November of 2010, we had the opportunity to design and install a basement drainage system at a residence in a suburb of Washington D.C. It is quite a distance for a drainage contractor to travel, but we were requested by an existing customer to take on the project. We have installed a number of successful drainage solutions throughout the customer’s portfolio of apartment buildings in Texas.

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