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Drainage Problems

Most Common Drainage Problems

How do you know that your property is experiencing a drainage problem? If you’re visiting our site, you likely are seeing one or more of these symptoms of common drainage problems:

  • Water ponding near the house or building after a rain
  • Water ponding on portions of the yard after a rain
  • A mushy or boggy area of the yard that persists long after a rain
  • Loss of shrubs or other plants from too much water
  • Standing water or wetness in a crawl space under a pier and beam structure
  • Water on the floors during a rain
  • Discolored carpet near an exterior wall and/or rotted carpet tack strips
  • Water ponding on sidewalks, driveways, patios or other pedestrian areas
  • Water or significant dampness in the basement
  • Water entering the garage when it rains

Other symptoms of yard drainage problems that may be confused with other issues include sticking windows, cracks in the foundation, and moss or algae growth.

What Causes Landscape Drainage Problems?

Obviously, the answer is water.  But finding where that water is coming from, and getting it to go where it should—away from your home, buildings, or landscaping—is the challenge our customers face.

We are frequently called in after landscaping or other drainage contractor companies have put in a yard or drainage system or when water shows up where it shouldn’t in new construction.

Often, our customers have worked with a landscaper or other company that does a quick fix that leads to re-emergence of the problem, and additional costs.  These are some of the quick fixes that we’ve seen that we’ve been hired to provide permanent drainage solutions for:

  • Dirt added to areas that don’t drain well.  The water is just displaced elsewhere.
  • Catch basins installed too high.  Water flows towards them too slowly.
  • Pipe doesn’t slope at the correct percent for the length.  Drainage is slow or even non-existent.
  • Catch basins installed to collect water below the grade.  These will fail to drain properly– a French drainage solution is needed instead.
  • Gravity is relied on to move water when a pump should be used.

At Weaver and Associates, you can be confident that you will receive an expert drainage repair or solution. We specialize in doing it right, the first time. Contact us—before the next rain!

Can You Afford a Drainage Quick Fix?

Sometimes, property owners or managers get lucky and a quick, cheap fix does the trick.  But all too often, we see these quick fixes fail when a company that doesn’t specialize in drainage guesses about how to solve the problem.

What you can count on from Drainage Specialists:  If the permanent solution for your drainage problem is simple and low-cost, that’s what we’ll provide you with!  We haven’t stayed in business for more than 35 years, with much of it coming from word-of-mouth recommendations, because we overcharge.  Rather, we prescribe THE solution that will end the drainage problem, the first time, for a reasonable cost.

If a quick fix isn’t the right option, we’ll explain why, and make recommendations for the best way to solve it—at a reasonable price.  Drainage problems don’t go away, and often, choosing the wrong company or solution to save money only means you’ll be spending more in the long run—from property damage and having to hire someone else.

Solve your landscape drainage problems, the right way, the first time.  Drainage is not a sideline for us.  It is our specialty.  Don’t wait for the next rain.  Call 817-318-8989 or contact us today.

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