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Do any of these home and yard drainage complaints sound familiar?

“We can’t go on vacation for fear we won’t be here to guard against water entering our house during a storm.”

“We were up until 2 am trying to keep the water from coming in.”

“I had to come home from work early because my wife called and we were getting flooded in the kitchen again.”

“We have all our things elevated above the floor to keep them from getting damaged.”

“Our sidewalk and part of our driveway are dangerously slippery from algae—and we just can’t get rid of it because the area always stays wet.”

Our familiarity with these and numerous other home and yard drainage scenarios help us get to the source of the problem quickly—and to prescribe the right drainage solutions to end the problem—the first time.

Typical Home Drainage Problems

We are frequently called in to fix home and yard drainage problems resulting from new construction or from inferior landscape drainage repair provided by a company that doesn’t specialize in drainage.  Some of these “quick fixes” that lead to further problems include:

  • Adding dirt to areas that don’t drain well.  The water should instead be collected and directed away from the area.
  • Installing catch basins at the wrong elevation.  When installed too high, water fails to flow into them at all or too slowly to provide effective drainage.
  • Pipe doesn’t slope enough to drain at the right rate.  A minimum slope of 1/8” per foot must be maintained the entire length of the pipe to remove water from the area effectively.
  • A gravity-fed system is installed when a sump pump is needed.  If, after measurements and calculations have been made, it is determined that slope minimums can’t be designed into a system because the discharge point isn’t low enough, then gravity can’t be expected to move the water rapidly enough.  This is when a pump must be used.
Specializing in Home and Landscape Drainage Repair

Our more than 35 years of experience specializing in home and landscape drainage repair means that we’ll help you identify your drainage problem and skillfully provide a solution.  Our long list of satisfied customers means that we’re more than happy to provide you with a list of references.  Learn more about our drainage process or contact us to get your home drainage solution started before the next rain.

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