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The time involved and the amount of capital required to maintain an apartment complex, group of town homes, or any other multi-family property can be mind-boggling. It is easy to understand that preventive maintenance can very quickly take a back seat to reacting to tenants’ complaints – “putting out fires”.

Although it may initially seem only a small problem, there is one tenant complaint that can turn into a big issue if not handled in a timely fashion. That problem is poor drainage. If water is allowed to pool near structures, over time, foundations can shift. And fixing foundation problems later on can cost a lot more than solving a drainage problem now, especially if that problem is solved right the first time.

Or, if water has been observed seeping for days after a rain onto sidewalks or parking lots, it could be only a matter of time until a tenant falls. Once again, if that water were to be collected by a professionally designed drainage system, it would cost a lot less than a medical bill or a lawsuit.

And with occupancy rates so important in your industry, surely one of the best ways to get a tenant to move out is to ignore a drainage problem that allows rising water to enter his unit.

If you are experiencing any of these situations, rather than calling your landscape maintenance company, the company that does drainage as a sideline, call Weaver and Associates. We are drainage specialists. We will solve the drainage problem right the first time, and it will never make the list of tenant complaints again.

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