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We know how difficult it can be to foresee a drainage problem at a house, building, or other structure you are constructing when all you have is a set of plans. Sometimes such issues don’t crop up until the grading is complete, the project is finished, and the new owners are in.

When drainage issues arise either before, during, or after construction, may we suggest calling someone besides your excavation or landscaping contractor to solve them. Get the problem off your punch list and resolved right the first time by calling the drainage specialists, Weaver and Associates.

We have been working with general contractors, builders, and landscapers for over 35 years. Whether it be surface water pooling in between houses or buildings, subsurface water building up behind retaining walls, or any other drainage issues that are causing disgruntled customers to take up your time, call the drainage contactor that can make those issues go away.


We have been working with engineers for many years. The relationships we have developed are based on professionalism, quality, and communication. Whether you work directly with drainage contractors or you have a short list of reliable drainage contractors that you recommend to your customers, we believe Weaver and Associates would be a very useful asset to your business.  Let us tell you why.

Designs – It has been our experience that some engineers prefer to create their own drainage designs while others would rather have a drainage specialist either consult with them on the design or take over that responsibility all together.  Either way, we want the same end result as you – a solution to your customer’s problem.

Adherence to Specifications – Weaver and Associates also recognizes the importance of following design specifications during installation. Whatever minimum slope rate is called for on soil or pipe, we achieve it. If the design calls for SDR 35 pipe rather than ADS N12, we use it. Your inspections of our work will soon reveal that we do not cut corners on any aspect of the project, and the site is left in excellent condition.

Unusual projects – We are at our best when site conditions are unusual or the complexity of the problem has other contractors scratching their heads. Click here to view Water Under Foundation Case Study and here for Bois D’Arc Piers Case Study.

Real Estate Agents

If you have been a real estate agent for any length of time in this geographical area, you have surely seen buyer’s inspection reports that note drainage around the foundation or in a crawl space as a problem that needs to be corrected.  Most likely, your first reaction is to call your landscape maintenance company to take care of it, so it can be crossed off the homeowner’s list of repairs, and it won’t be an obstacle to closing.

Let us suggest, however, that if a drainage problem is serious and has caused foundation movement or moisture in the crawl space, you need a professional drainage contractor that can fix it right, the first time. We understand the need for cost effective solutions for your customers’ drainage problems, but we also understand that if the solution doesn’t work, and the buyer is not happy, it can reflect poorly on all parties involved, including the agents.

So for any drainage issues ranging from simple, economical grading to more complex crawlspace French drains, call Weaver and Associates. We want to be your drainage specialists.

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