Dear Alan,

Thank you so much for fixing our back yard drainage. Tonight it rained about 4 inches in about an hour and 1/2. Not a single drop inside. I attached a video if the email does not block it.

Jason R.

Alan – hope this finds you doing well. Just wanted to circle back and say I think the back yard at Shenandoah is looking awesome. The fill and sod is holding up well and the space back there is really transformed from a swamp to something usable. Thank you again for your help!

Kurt J.

Thank you so much Alan, this is the last piece I need to put into our documents! With any and all of the rains we have had since your company finished this project early last year we have not had any water infiltration and are now opening up the rooms on the South end of the building. Great job again, thank you.

John D, Facilities Manager

Dear Mr. Weaver

Previous to you addressing our drainage everytime we got torrential rain it caused anxiety, stress and sometimes panic as water entered our home.

Since you’ve completed this job over a year ago, we don’t even see water pooling in the slightest. I just wanted you to know as I watched the rain today that having this peace of mind is wonderful. I hope you have a great week!

D. Wheeler

Yesterday I visited a client that we did work for several years ago. To this day they are having no problems with their drainage. The patio has not flooded since we did the work. The foundation has become stable.

I feel certain one of the reasons I was called back to remodel their kitchen was because of the quality of work you did for me. They remarked again how clean you kept the job, and how very clean the property was when we completed the project.

I just wanted to thank you for furthering my reputation of high quality work.
My secret, high quality subcontractors like you.


Peter (General Contractors & Consultants, Grapevine TX)

Due to the geographic positioning of our school building, and poorly implemented improvements to our playground we were experiencing regular flooding of our building. These floods caused expensive damage to our property and posed a health risk to our students. I accepted bids from four contractors to solve our drainage problem and Alan Weaver’s was the most expensive. However, Alan was able to explain in very specific terms why his approach was necessary on our property. The project was completed with acceptable variance to time and cost estimates and the results have been excellent. In the two years since the work, I have recouped more that half the cost and the disruption to our educational program has ceased. Looking at the results, it is crystal clear that the other proposals would not have solved our problem. Weaver was the right choice for our job.

Vanguard Preparatory School

Mr. Weaver,

Just a short note to thank you for the professional way you handled the drainage problem we had at our home. You kept me informed of what to expect and when to expect it. Your team cleaned up after themselves and left our yard looking as good as they found it. In this day and time it’s a rare pleasure to work with someone who is up front, truthful, and delivers as promised with no surprises

S. Trando

Alan is a person that I trust and have no concerns regarding the management of any type project that he takes on for us. He is meticulous in his preparation and execution. His employees reflect his attention to detail and consistently leave the project nicer than they found it when they arrived.


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