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Drainage Solutions
  • Are you experiencing seeping or standing water?
  • Is a drainage problem damaging your property or reducing usable space?
  • Are you planning new construction and want to prevent issues from the start?
  • Do you want a drainage solution handled by an expert company and done right the first time?

If so, Weaver and Associates is THE expert choice for home owners, multi-family units, and commercial property managers. We design the drainage systems structural engineers and other professionals know and use.

Home and Yard Drainage for Homeowners

Does your yard remain soggy long after a rain? Do you smell a damp and musty odor in your basement? Do your windows stick? These are just a few symptoms of drainage problems for the homeowner. Poorly draining water isn’t just a nuisance—it can lead to significant property damage and even health concerns.

Visit our Homeowner page for signs of home drainage problems and learn how Drainage Specialists has been expertly solving these same problems for homeowners in Texas for more than 35 years.

Drainage Problems for Multi-Family Housing Make You Liable

There’s no joke—drainage problems can literally throw your investment dollars down the drain. If your tenants are experiencing water entering the apartment during rain, deep water ponding on sidewalks or parking areas, or are at risk of falling because of slippery, algae covered pavement, you likely have a drainage problem that can cause your tenants to move out or become injured.

Before someone gets hurt or structural damage occurs or worsens, contact the drainage specialists at Weaver and Associates. Visit our Multi-Family Housing page to learn why it’s important to choose an expert in drainage over a typical landscaper.

Protect Your Commercial Property from Drainage Problems

As a commercial property manager, odds are your to-do list is longer than you like. If you’ve added, crossed off, and again added “hire a landscaper” to solve your drainage problems, let us suggest a better solution: hire an expert drainage solution company—and get that task off your to-do list for good.

At Weaver and Associates, drainage isn’t a sideline for us. It is our specialty. We don’t guess at or provide temporary fixes for water problems causing tenant complaints or equipment damage. We’ve been using a scientific approach to SOLVE our Commercial Property Customers’ drainage problems permanently—the first time. Call us at 817-318-8989 or visit our Commercial Property Drainage Solutions page to learn more.

Complement Your Structural Designs

As a Structural Engineer or other professional, you excel at providing your clients with drainage system designs and contractor recommendations that will end their foundation problems. When you design a drainage system as part of your report or recommend to your client that a specific drainage specialist or contractor be called in to design a drainage system, it is important to you that the specialist follows your specifications—or that you work together to design a system that provides the client with the best solution.

In order for these partnerships to be successful, the expertise of the drainage contractor you choose to work with or recommend must be solid. For the strongest performing drainage solutions, do you use a landscaper? Or do you work with a company that has specialized in drainage for more than 35 years? If you think that kind of experience may be of use to you, visit our Professionals page to learn more about our qualifications and how we’ll complement your professionalism and service.

For a Drainage Solution done right the first time, call Drainage Specialists at
817-318-8989. Drainage is not a sideline for us, it is our specialty.

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