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Case Study - Water Under Foundation

In Farmers Branch several years ago, at a group of townhomes, whenever it rained, subsurface spring water would rise vertically through cracks in the slab and into the living room of one of the units. Since it always first appeared during a rain event at two specific foundation cracks, we removed a 2’ circle of the foundation concrete at each of those locations and excavated holes that were 3’ deep. At the 2½’ level, we encountered ground water.

Outside, after lowering a dry-horizontal boring machine into a pit that we excavated near the house, we tunneled horizontally to the interior of each of the two holes and pushed pipe through the tunnels until it was exposed in each of the holes. Slits in the fabric-wrapped ends of the pipe allowed the spring water to enter the pipe and flow into a sump pump basin just outside the house.

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